The Open EYE Petition – live at Downing Street!

Further to the brief post earlier today: we now have a live e-petition on the Downing Street web-site and we would be very grateful if you could sign it.  Just click on and follow the instructions.  It literally only takes a couple of seconds although there may then be a delay of some hours before your name finally appears so don’t lose heart! 


Please also e-mail as many of your friends/family as possible, directing them to the petition. Our aim is to have thousands of signatures by the end of January 2008, when we will be meeting with the Chairman of the Children, Schools & Families Select Committee to try and persuade the Committee to commission an urgent independent review of the EYFS framework.


5 Responses to The Open EYE Petition – live at Downing Street!

  1. Congratulations for getting this petition off the ground and raising awareness for this crucial issue. The Government does seem to have taken leave of all sense on this one. Very good luck with this campaign.

  2. LudePu says:

    Reached 2000 signatures in just 14 days!!

  3. Muur says:

    I’m glad I found out this new curriculum idea ! Hopefully we will be able to avert disaster.
    I’m spreading the word :)
    Good luck!

  4. Joan Gilbert says:

    As a nursery owner, I am so grateful that The Open Eye is questioning the value – to children and families – of the ever-increasing paperwork inflicted on nursery staff.

  5. Arthur Adams says:

    There is a fairly active child care forum on the Surestart web site. It is supposed to be for talking about anything related to child care, but is dominated at the moment with people opposing EYFS and complaining about Ofsted. Go to and then click on ‘forum’ at the top of the page.

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