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The Open EYE conference last weekend was a great success; see our Conference page for a full report. Other news is as follows:

An early day motion is being tabled by Annette Brooke, Lib Dem Spokesperson for Children, Families & Schools, so please don’t forget to write to your MP urging him/her to support the EDM. More details will appear here when we have them.

Channel 5 News Item/Film
Channel 5 have contacted us via Melinda Messenger and asked to do a short film/news item for inclusion in all their news programs. They will be filming in two settings, next Friday, 29th February, including the kindergarten where Melinda sends her own children. The news item should appear on the Channel 5 news at 12 noon, 5 and 7 pm the following Monday, 3rd March. If anyone has any ideas as to specific points they wish to see covered in the News item please get in contact. We would love to hear from you.

Libby Purves and the Learning Curve on Radio 4 next Monday night
Time to tune in your radio as Libby Purves and the Learning Curve also wish to cover the Open EYE campaign in their forthcoming broadcast next Monday night – 25th February at 8.30 pm. This will be just a brief mention ahead of doing a full programme on the EYFS in May.


One Response to Latest News

  1. Arthur Adams says:

    Channel 5 News haven’t shown this report so far. Is it still going to be shown and, if so, is there a revised transmission date?

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