Special Parliamentary Commitee meeting on EYFS

On May 21st, the Children, Schools and Families Parliamentary Committee (chaired by Barry Sheerman MP) held a special evidence-gathering meeting on the EYFS, arising in part from Open EYE’s meeting with Mr Sheerman in January. Coming hot on the heels of 70 MPs having signed EDM # 1031 raising Open EYE’s concerns, a welcome window of opportunity now exists for a comprehensive, dispassionate investigation into EYFS.

The Times newspaper of May 22nd reported that in a document ‘shelved’ by her Department, Ms Hughes’s advisors recently strongly advised the revision of EYFS’s more developmentally inappropriate literacy Learning Requirements. Every Committee meeting witness expressed shortcomings about the age-inappropriateness of some EYFS Learning Requirements. Other press reports of the event were released by the Press Association, by the Daily Telegraph, and by the Daily Mail (please scroll down to second article – Ministers press ahead with toddler curriculum – on the Daily Mail page).

Needless to say, Open EYE will let our website visitors know when there is more news about these exciting Parliamentary developments.

A video of the meeting is available at the UK Parliament website, although it appears that video accessibility is limited on this site.

A helpful and comprehensive report on the concerns raised at the Select Committee meeting has been published in Nursery World magazine.

The magazine also reports on a new Open EYE initiative to devise an alternative, more child-centred and developmentally appropriate framework that could replace the EYFS; and in a published letter, an up-to-date perspective is given on the campaign’s hopes in the light of the Select Committee’s special meeting on EYFS.

Meanwhile, a report by Melanie Defries in the latest issue picks up on the human-rights issues raised by the EYFS.



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