EYFS – Too Much, Too Soon; EYFS exemptions – too little, too late

The new Open EYE campaign film, TOO MUCH TOO SOON, is here:

Meanwhile, you may have seen that the Children’s Minister, Beverley Hughes, recently and belatedly announced a procedure whereby settings can apply for exemption – providing, of course, that they can (a) find the relevant page on the DCSF website, (b) understand the procedure, and (c) clear all the hurdles. To save you the trouble of hunting it out, you can find the information here. See what you think.


3 Responses to EYFS – Too Much, Too Soon; EYFS exemptions – too little, too late

  1. Mo Newland says:

    Having trawled through the download,

    I think exemption is ill thought through and unprofessionally churned out at great haste ,
    I spotted DN’s editing comments at no 41
    – DN: don’t we need them to tell us how that principle affects the way they run their provision, and their views on learning and development etc? Otherwise we won’t know if there really is a problem for them.]
    – which I think should not have been there

    and no 45 which has nothing

    and Flow charts which are not there

    and a format which does not down load to print easily – for less internet savvy like me!
    I did reduce it to 28 pages on microsoft word processor.


    I have requested they send me a copy! If it is printed yet , CYNICAL I know, but that is because they prefer you to apply on line!!

    I think all out of school clubs should apply – we would have done so 12 months ago if there was a means to, THE LOCAL AUTHORITIES KNOW HOW I FEEL ABOUT IT AND THEY DID NOT INFORM ME, at any stage, THAT I COULD DO THIS.

    I back tracked to see exactly where to find the excemption and it does seem difficult to find under “requirements”.

    EYFS – Too Much, Too Soon; EYFS exemptions – too little, too late, too hidden

  2. Adele Berry says:

    Sorry, but even at reception, how is a 5yr old supposed to write a computer programme?? Even i can’t do that. What’s this about being able to read BEFORE starting school? EYFS is good in other areas but yes the learning goals are a bit OVER THE TOP.
    All these children will HATE school by the time they are 10yrs old!

  3. Diane says:

    As a childminder myself with two of my own kids, how am im expected to work from 7am till 6.30pm, put my kids to bed, make tea, clear up, and fit the paperwork of the EYFS in to my daily schedule.

    I suppose I could plonk the kids in front of the TV for a few hours during the day so I can go through the hundreds of photos Ive taken, and written all the observations ive made for that day, which already took most of the morning with looking after two minded children. ….

    I then do my first aid on a wed night (for the last three weeks), and my unit 5 of the Diploma in Home based Childcare on a Tue evening which has been continuous for nearly a year. What with school runs, making breakfast, lunch and dinner, changing nappies, and playing. Maybe I need to hire a childminder to look after mine while I do all that paperwork.

    Dont get me wrong, the principle is a great idea, but in reality?? I need to be superwoman to do this as well.

    I wanted to childminder as I am a stay at home mum, and it meant I could give lots of love to other children in a home enviroment, where I can offer a safe, friendly, educated and informal time. But its simply not the case anymore.

    I feel cheated that my JOB discription has now changed without my acceptance, and basically the job I once enjoyed, is her no more.

    I may as well send my kids to nursery and go and work in a preschool, that way I will still be working with kids, which is what I love but I can come home at 5pm and have a family life too.



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