Apologies and news

First of all, many apologies that the site hasn’t been updated for a while – it doesn’t mean nothing’s been happening with the Open EYE campaign (quite the reverse!), but Open EYE is an unfunded and entirely voluntary campaign run by people with full-time jobs and we don’t always have the time we need to get everything done.

As for news:

OpenEYE held a highly successful profession seminar on the 4th October bringing together many of the top experts in the field. Chaired by Wendy Scott and Sir Christopher Ball, the aims of the seminar were:

  • To discuss ongoing concerns about the introduction of the EYFS and why these have arisen
  • To share current thinking on age appropriate development and learning environments for early years
  • To contrast and compare how Early Years policy in the UK differs from that of other European countries.
  • To examine different approaches to early development and learning
  • To share research on childhood stress and wellbeing in the UK
  • To provide an open and dynamic platform for ongoing dialogue

Please click the links to see more information about the seminar (all documents are in PDF format):

Seminar summary

Wendy Ellyatt : Early Learning – International Perspectives

Sally Goddard Blythe :  Developmental Readiness – The Key to Learning Success

Kim Simpson: The Whole Truth, The Whole Child

Lynne Oldfield: the Steiner Waldorf Foundation Stage


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