EYFS exemptions – the first application, the first refusal

Open EYE has been contacted by a childminder who has had her application for exemption from the EYFS learning and development requirements rejected.

As far as we know, this is the first decision made on an exemption application. Open EYE is disappointed but not surprised that the first application for exemption has been refused. We’ll be posting a fuller response here in the next few weeks.


3 Responses to EYFS exemptions – the first application, the first refusal

  1. Wendy Meaford says:

    Extremely worrying regarding the childminder and the exemption rejection. The view seems to be that it is virtually impossible to succeed when applying for an exemption and in any case is for a limited period. She like most professionals is no doubt doing a fabulous job without this imposed nonsense. What would happen I wonder if everyone just refused to play ball, perhaps that is the answer – a mass protest!

  2. I’m a concerned parent, and currently going through the process of applying for exemption from the learning goals my child. I understand this is not an automatic right. It may help parents enormously if the people who are also applying for exemptions started to exchange experiences on this one.
    Frances Laing

  3. franceslaing says:

    Just to update. Exemption refused. The saga is chronicled on a special blog: http:/www.parentsguidetoeyfs.wordpress.com

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