Please note that this site is no longer active and OpenEYE has now merged with Early Childhood Action http://www.earlychildhoodaction.com

Welcome to Open EYE, the campaign for an open Early Years Education.


Open EYE was set up in November 2007, in response to fears that the government’s new Early Years Foundation Stage is:

  • overly prescriptive
  • potentially harmful to the development of children
  • a breach of the human right of parents to have their children educated in accordance with their own philosophies

An Open Letter, published in the TES, signed by a wide range of childcare experts and other interested parties, officially launched the campaign. A petition on the Downing St website went on to gather almost 8,000 signatories, with a hardcopy version bringing the total to over 10,000 names.

In September 2008, it became unlawful for providers of childcare to refuse to implement the EYFS. Open EYE calls on the government to downgrade the legal status of the EYFS’s educational framework to guidelines, so allowing other educational philosophies of equal validity to be followed by early years providers.

For more details, please read Open EYE’s concerns.

To contact Open EYE, please email team@savechildhood.org.

To read our current or past newsletters, please visit the Newsletters page on this site.

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