This is Too Much Too Soon, the Open EYE film directed by Fergus Anderson.

The film remains under copyright, but obviously we are keen for it to be used to highlight the problems with the EYFS. For permission to show, broadcast, or otherwise make use of this film, please in the first instance email us at


3 Responses to Film

  1. Barbara Murray says:

    I’d really like an opportunity to view this film but am having difficulties accessing it. I am the senior lecturer in ealry years at the University of Brighton and Manager of the EYPS programme.

    Best wishes

  2. j.picksley says:

    ive been working with the eyfs and i totally agree it should be guidance only and not statutory i think children need to learn social skills,learn through play, and most important enjoy their early years this will turn them into happy outgoing children with the security to progress further in school without these i can only see a future of programmed children the eyfs is not the way [chilminder]

  3. Tanzim says:

    i am currently a student at the university of wolverhampton and doing and degree in Ealry Childhood Studies. i agree that this is too soon, we are encouraged to use play based activities, we’re given examples from Sweden too, where children are not tested but are able to play and explore freely,they are given a homely environment and a lot of love and those children out do ours… thats what our children need!

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